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"I love music, any kind of musicĒ that is part of the lyrics from a 70ís classic performed by the OíJays, and how true is that statement. Music is an inspiration to all of us, no matter what age, sex or creed, it holds no boundaries. It has been part of our lives from time, travelled and taken part of our history, from the bongos in Africa to the electric guitar in the western world. Music has given us the freedom of self-expression and liberated our soulís, some may even say that ďBlack music history has shaped the fabric of our world and brought such rich textures and colour in to itĒ.

Time to look, time to think, time to listen to the music, thatís what itís all about, the good groove, the dance, the session, the rave, whatever you want to call the sound, it brings people together in all walks of life and its all about expression.

The love of music is so strong it fuels a lot of emotion in different ways. It tells a story, it makes a statement. It puts no boundaries from where people are coming from and it tells about the past, present and the future, it has its root and its culture. In Black music we live for the sound of the beat and the up lifting of the song, for example Notting hill carnival is a Caribbean flavour that brings thousands of people from all over the UK, Europe and carnival lovers from all over the world who comes to the street of Notting Hill in west London for the last 40 years, thatís Black Music power. As well as embracing other non-Caribbean music, which is well apparent to our lives today, so we have come a long way in black music in the UK.

In the past it has been held back from the main stream, but such as its power in the song & melody and the rhythm & beat it could not be suppressed. Now itís about choices in black music and itís categories and how it embraces to mainstream of popular music.

But just to remind you that there is a deeper sound of black music, which is still not liked or even understood by the main stream in the UK today, and to be truthful never will. In my opinion its just Ďtoo blackí for the majority of people in the UK, this includes all communities. You may agree or disagree, but this is my own point of view and how I see it.

We at Twelve Handz Music, brings music from our experiences over the years of a mixed variety on our monthly web cast show on black music, from the main stream to a deeper level, where we express how we feel and what we are all about, from the club scene to the home listener. We have no fear of expressing ourselves, even if it comes outside of the boundaries of black music. At the end of the day good music is good music from all categories of people, of any colour, creed or race.

What we at Twelve Handz Music are trying do is give good vibes on our live web cast shows and web site to all the music lovers

Written by Basil "Funki B" Buckley

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