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WHATS NEW !!!!!!

Sunday 29th August

An Evening with Josh Milan at The Jazz Cafe

Josh Milan performing on stage

Many Thanks to Chris Harvey and Marcia Carr for providing the great photos.

Thursday 5th August

Exclusive interview with Jocelyn Brown !!!

On Saturday the 14th of August there will be a special show on Twelvehandz radio.

Basil Funki "b" will start the show 10:00 GMT then at 11:00 GMT he will be interviewing live on the show, the legendary recording artist Jocelyn Brown.

Friday 25th December 2009

Twelvehandz music would like say a big thank you to our Twelvehandz members for the support
That you have given us which has been truly fantastic. We will continue to bring a
Collective mix of sounds, rhythms & melody on our live stream shows & with your feedback & input
which are very vital to us at Twelvehandz so that we can maintain the same quality into 2010

Happy Holidays

Twelvehandz Music

Wednesday 9th December 2009

Dj Marcia Carr Da Vinyl MC will be making a special Dj appearance at "Soul Sessions"
At Seebo's in Leytonstone on Sunday the 20th of December 2009.

Dj Marcia Carr(Picture above

Dj Marcia Carr in da Mix

Monday 7th December 2009

The Party of the Year(Sunday 6th December 2009)

Here are a few photo's of last night's event Soul Sessions at Seebo's special guest dj was Basil "Funki B"

Thanks to Chris Harvey for Supplying the Photos

Sunday 22nd November 2009

New Twelvehandz Group Officers !

I would just like to welcome Marcia Carr,Chris Harvey,Alec Benjamin,and Mark Eversley as officers to the the Twelvehandz Facebook group.
Thank you for your continued support.

gLen B

From left to right Marcia,Alec,Chris and Mark.

Saturday 21st November 2009

Basil"Funki b" will be djing at Soul sessions on the 6th of December 2009 at Seebo's

Sunday 25th October 2009

Whats the buzz!!

Also coming at the end of November a new music show on Friday nights on TwelveHandz radio called "Get Down Friday Night"(AKA The Real Boogiedown).

An evening of old and new uptempo dance music from 20:00 GMT until late.

Thanks for your support !

Thursday 15th October 2009

Coming soon!! On TwelveHandz Super Sunday

Saturday 19th September 2009

The Inner London Soul /Funk and Reggae scene Film Project - The Truth continues...

On August 2009 Twelvehandz had the great honour of interviewing and filming respected Jazz Dancer Steve"Afro" Edwards.
Also respected club goer and promoter Chris Harvey, and Milo Lapis(50/50 show Resonance fm) were also present for the interview.
You can see Steve dancing with the crew IDJ back in the day from the previous clip I uploaded January this year when you scroll down to near the end this page.
I have uploaded some pictures of the filmimg day.
The Trailer will be coming soon !.

Photographs from left to right:
Top Left: Alec and Chris Harvey,Top Middle Alec ,Top Right Basil and Alec
Bottom Left:Basil and Chris Harvey,Bottom Middle Chris Harvey,Steve"Afro" Edwards,and Milo Lapis,Bottom Right:Basil and Steve"Afro"

Thursday 30th June 2009

New house music mix from Glen B

Glen B
Download Here http://www.mediafire.com/?t31gywt3mzz

Monday 16th March 2009

Special Mix on Glen B's Super Sunday on Sunday 22 March from Dj Calvin Morgan(SWEAT) 16:00 GMT
which is approxamately 11am New York time.

Calvin Morgan

And of course another special surprise Basil Funki B will be djing in my studio in The Netherlands this weekend.
Dont Miss it !!

Monday 2nd February 2009

Better late than never here is a short clip of Leroy Burgess doing his thing at Southport November 2007 Many thanks to Alex for allowing me to put this on our site.

Sunday 26th January 2009

The first Film Trailer for TwelveHandzmusic

Sunday 4th January 2009

Here is a nice jazz dance video from the IDJ Jazz dance crew while browsing the internet today.
I thought I would put the dance clip on our site in memory when jazz dancers used to dance in time with the music.

Saturday 3rd January 2009

Illa J videos now available for viewing at our radio page

Friday 2nd January 2009

Photos from the Marc Evans Concert at the November 2008 Southport Weekender are now at our Club Scene section

Thursday 1st January 2009

At last the Southport Photos 7th ,8th and 9th November 2008 Check out our photo section

Monday 28th July 2008

Time to give Thanks and Respect !!

Marcia Carr was the person that gave Basil 'Funki B' and myself (Glen b) and many other djs the opportunity to dj on the renowned Internet Station UK-Rumbal.com.
We now have the knowledge and tools to run our own independent platform thanks to the love and support from
Marcia and the Managing director Alex Briley.

This is just our humble way of saying thanks for the support when others ignored us.

To hear the lady in the mix check out her show on http://www.pushfm.com

Dj Profile : Marcia Carr

Marcia and Kerri Chandler at UK-Rumbal(Camberwell Studios)

Marcia Carr

The late eighties has seen this former jazz dancer become a well respected name on the scene. Marcia's pedigree speaks for itself. She has graced the decks at many events and social soiress over the years to recent haunts like IsItLIVE, Back II Basics, Mind Fluid, Whistle Bump, Right Area, Southport Sessions, HouseHuntin, L'America and Weekending amongst others. She also played regularly in Switzerland, Estonia, Luxemborg and has spun in places like Finland, Norway, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Her Saturday monthly London residency presently at Market Place, London continues to gain momentum while continually enlightening the fashioniable chic and music whores to batches of soul, deeper house, jazz, broken beat, disco and much more. Her diversity to encompass the deeper soulful, jazzy and at times tech house and electro sounds too have graced the airwaves of a variety of radio stations both internationally and in the UK, at venues like Ministry Of Sound on-line alongside the likes of Bob Sinclair, David Morales and Masters At Work. That's aside from having played with the cream of the house and garage fraternity over the last 23 years. In spring 2005, Marcia has made a welcome return to radio hosting the infamous SoundHouse Sessions which presently airs every Friday from 4pm - 6pm on www.pushfm.com. Another place to hear Marcia Da Vinyl MC as she's also known as is on www.gforceradionetwork.com where you can hear her Soul Testaments hot mix show also on Fridays during 9pm and 10pm. Currently, she's also fitting in freelance promotional work for distinct record labels like the Basement Boys, Kajmere Records (The Rebirth), Judah & Secret, The Royal Priesthood and others, as well as turning her hand at producing and remix work in the studio, as well keeping a hand in on freelance writings for many of the UK's well known dance pulications also keeps her schedule full. It's no wonder then that her diversity and knowledge perfectly illustrates exactly why she very much in demand all over the world!

Profile written by Marcia Carr(By Kind Permission)

Monday 12th May 2008

Offline Archives now available on our website !!

To listen to past radio shows please go to the "Listen Section" Happy Listening !!

Tuesday 15th April 2008
Twelve Handz Filming Project !

After viewing the You Tube film series "Chicago-The Truth ",a story told by American Dj Leonard R Roy, we decided to document and film our own experiences of how things were back in the day when the dance scene was totally underground. The Inner London Soul /Funk and Reggae scene was also instrumental in creating an important underground dance network and culture. But has never received the true acknowledgement and accolade it deserved. So, we decided to ask friends that we knew from "Back in the Day" to talk about their own personal musical experiences and influences.

In the photo from left to right Basil"Funki" B(12HandZ),Akin(Spirit Level),and filimng crew Carl(BASA)and Alex(BASA).

Photographed by Glen B (12 Handz)

Saturday 5th April 2008

Twelvehandz Music now has its own streaming web server radio show,for more details check the Twelvehandz radio page for details.

Pictures from the North Sea Jazz Festival from Saturday 14th July 2007,plus a special clip from the performance from Raul Midon plus a surprise guest.
See our club scene page for details.
For extra information also see

Twelve Handz receive Mastering Studio support from SoundMatrics(The Netherlands)

In the photo from left to right Glen, Maurice,and Basil.

The Soundmatrics(Maurice Muller)has agreed to assist in finalising music projects for 12Handzmusic.
The Soundmatrics studio is still undergoing major refurbishment at the moment.

The 50-50 Reggae Experience Show

Please log on to www.resonancefm.com

Jah Beef and Milo playing an eclectic selection of roots reggae,revival and old school reggae.

If you have thoughts or views about the music scene please mail us(contact page) at twelvehandzmusic@yahoo.co.uk
Interesting articles from listeners will be published on our reflections page

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